The Search is on for the best entrepreneur stories of 2020

The EBA Foundation welcomes a new year and we are hoping this year will be as successful as last year. We had a very strong and competitive group of nominees, which made for an outstanding event held at the Four Seasons Hotel on 28th October 2019. We thank all our wonderful sponsors and our nominees for coming on the journey with us.

One of the highlights of the event was the extraordinary speech delivered by Sarkis Nassif of Holdmark Property Group.  Mr Nassif pledged $1,000,000 to help the farmers and drought relief – you can hear his speech in its entirety

2019 also saw the EBA officially become a not for profit foundation.  This will ensure that these awards continue for many years to come and we hope that more sponsorship dollars can be secured in 2020.  The awards themselves lean heavily on the visual delights of the stories of our finalists.  Each year Tom Gericke’s team from Worldwide Pictures produces a beautiful collection of interviews for us all to enjoy. These stories capture the essence of the finalists themselves.  Their history, their successes and even sometimes their failures, all these stories are what moves us and inspires us year after year.  Thank you Tom for your contribution to the success of our night.

2020 will see the EBA Foundation move to a fully online awards platform which should make it easier for our nominees and our judges too.  Award Force (another business started by a Migrant) is a platform that has been used by many prestigious organisations and it assists with the management of Awards, Grants, Academic scholarships and the like.  We are certain the experience for our nominees will be enhanced by the use of this software.

2020 will also see a change in our awards category dollar cap. This year the Small Business Category will be for business $10m and under whilst the Medium-Large Category will capture those business who have turnover $10m and greater. Our Indigenous Business Category has no monetary cap on it and this therefore open to business of all size.

We are always looking to improve our presence on social media so that more people learn of the work we do and to this end we have secured the in kind sponsorship of Bruce Clay Australia. This will assist us in getting noticed and bringing more attention to the contribution that Indigenous and migrant run businesses have in the Australian economy.

If you know of any business that should nominate for the awards here are a list of items that our judges are looking at:-

Hardship endured, financial and social obstacles overcome, the viability and sustainability of the business, the ingenuity and originality of the business and the contribution to Australia and their local communities.

Once the judges have advised us of the four finalists we contact them and deliver the great news. This is often when it hits them, they know then what an EBA finalist feels like.  Advising the finalist of their success is one of the best days of the year at the EBA Foundation.  Hashem Mahmoud of Rest Interior was a finalist in the Henry Ngai Medium to Large Business Category in 2019. When asked what it meant to be selected as a finalist he said. “To be selected as a finalist, the EBA re-affirms my true belief that success is not simply measured by materialistic gains, but rather a celebration of the journey in achieving your most desired outcomes. ”

Troy Rugless of PSG Holdings who was a finalist in the Indigenous in Business Category said “Being nominated as a finalist in the 2019 Ethnic Business Awards celebrates our successes in building a company which is rich in diversity. Our vision at PSG Holdings is to achieve reconciliation through business, a very practical concept of working together to find opportunities for Indigenous Economic advancement. The vast array of businesses represented at the 2019 Ethnic Business Awards demonstrates the contribution of many businesses in developing and growing the Australian economy. Together, we can make a difference. Good luck to all the finalists, may you and your companies continue to prosper.”

I can’t wait to see who will nominate in 2020 but I can be assured they will inspire many others to join in just as the 2019 finalists have done.

If you wish to discuss this then please don’t hesitate to call Clare Robinson-Gale on (02) 9568 5022