The Longest Running Business Awards Turn 30

This year, Australia’s longest running business awards are in a mood of celebration. And they have much reason to celebrate.

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Ethnic Business Awards. Thirty years of inspirational stories of people that overcame all obstacles to contribute to this nation’s business and cultural landscape. From every background, from every culture.

Founded in 1988 by Mr Joseph Assaf AO, the Ethnic Business Awards are Australia’s longest running business awards.

They were designed to recognise and reward the valuable and innovative contribution to the Australian economy, by migrants as well as the Indigenous community.

Since their inception, there have been over 20,000 nominations nationwide – resulting in 178 finalists, 85 winners and a strong and ever-expanding EBA family network.

We thank them for calling Australia home. We thank them for the rich diversity that they bring to our country.

“The EBA create powerful role models from both the migrant and the Indigenous communities, they are a continuous happy story about migration.” says the founder Mr Joseph Assaf AO.

This year, the Ethnic Business Awards received more than 450 nominations in the three categories (Small Business – Medium to Large Business and Indigenous in Business) from every corner of the country, hailing from every corner of the globe, a shining representation of the diversity of Australia.

And to ensure the longevity of these Awards, the EBA this year will be announcing the launch of the Ethnic Business Awards Foundation.

If all this excitement were not enough, in the year the EBA celebrate 30 years of highlighting the success of the spirit of multiculturalism and diversity of our fine nation, they also celebrate that with the “Spirit of Australia” joining forces as one of the EBA esteemed sponsors. The Ethnic Business Awards are delighted to welcome Qantas Business Rewards to the EBA family of sponsors.

Qantas Business Rewards is a loyalty program for Australian small and medium sized businesses that makes running your business more rewarding with savings on flights, the ability to earn points for your business in addition to the points and status credits the traveller earns every time they fly.  Plus, over 50 ways to turn everyday business expenses into Qantas points with program partners and discounts on Qantas Club membership for you and your employees. Qantas Business Rewards, rewarding the spirit of Australian business.

For more information on the Ethnic Business Awards, contact Maria Tzovaras on 02 95685022 or