Commemorative Book – “Celebrating Diversity”

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Ethnic Business Awards will be the release of a special edition publication, “Celebrating Diversity”. The publication captures the proud history of the Awards, and celebrates 25 years of excellence, success and survival against the odds by documenting the stories of the finalists and winners, the judges, the sponsors, the guests of honour, the entertainment and countless other aspects that make the Ethnic Business Awards the prestigious institution that they are.

A team of publishing professionals has been engaged to research, write, edit and tell the story of the Ethnic Business Awards in words and pictures. Much of the material has been sourced from past finalists and winners, and from the Ethnic Business Awards archives. Select participants have also been recently interviewed to revisit and document their amazing life stories in greater detail as well as the progress they have made in developing their commercial skills and growing their businesses.

The book will embrace a myriad of personal stories and highlights of the Awards since 1988, showcasing its general history and evolution from a spark of an idea by Founder and Chairman Mr Joseph Assaf, to the expansion of the Awards categories as they exist today.