2019 WINNER: Pine Creek Mango Plantation Pty Ltd

Wayne Quach

Category: Small Business

Wayne Nguyen Quach officially set roots in NT, Australia in 2015. Fleeing post-war Vietnam at the tender age of 17, Wayne left all behind and emigrated to the USA as a refugee. It was in the US that Wayne set out to build a family and a better life. Achieving both goals, it was as an educational software sales consultant that Wayne and his wife would travel regularly to and from Australia for work before realising that the Northern Territory represented an extraordinary opportunity for agricultural investment. Wayne established Darwin Sun Industries in 2003 as a tropical fruit producer, before purchasing Pine Creek Mango Plantation in 2016. Considered one of the top producers of tropical fruits in NT and a leader in agricultural software, the company cultivates 40,000 trees across 7 locations, with plans to expand export markets to the USA, Europe, and Asia.

“As someone who fled his own country in the midst of war by boat, with nothing, it is amazing to find myself where I am today as a finalist for an EBA in 2019. It means that my blood sweat and tears are more than just that; they are the foundations of success. It means that my hard work and effort isn’t mine alone, and is shared with my family, friends, coworkers, employees. I am an entrepreneur in order to support those that I love but I never imagined that my passions would bring me here. It is such an honor to be considered one of the top contenders for such an EBA.

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