Medsurge Healthcare

Kamlesh & Bharti Phulwani

Category: Medium to Large Business

When Kam and Reet Phulwani decided to leave their family and the world they knew back in India, it was the beginning of an adventure they could never have imagined. Landing at Melbourne Airport at 7 pm on 23 July 2002, they were welcomed by the reality of the challenges that lay ahead. Between them, they juggled 18 hr work shifts, full-time study for a Master’s degree, mortgage repayments and rising costs of living. It was a ‘eureka’ moment while working in pharmaceutical procurement at the Alfred Hospital that led Kam to establish Medsurge Healthcare, now considered one of the fastest growing family-owned pharmaceutical companies in Australia. Servicing close to 1,000 hospitals and 6,500 pharmacies in Australia, Medsurge Healthcare was recently named one of Westpac’s ‘Top 200 Businesses of Tomorrow’.

“Being a finalist for EBA in 2019 is a matter of pride for us and we take this opportunity to celebrate our business success, the recognition which comes with it, will surely inspire other migrants. It also gives us an opportunity to meet other businesses and increase our personal and professional network.”

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