IPS Management Consultants

Katina Law

Category: Indigenous in Business

Raised in Derby, from Worora and Walmajarri families, Katina Law worked closely with a range of Indigenous people in the early part of her career, especially in the mining industry. Over time, Katina became acutely aware of the challenges facing Indigenous businesses trying to sustain themselves as meaningful players in the mainstream economy. Driven by a passion to help and create opportunities for other Indigenous professionals, Katina established IPS Management Consultants in 2015, with a focus on delivering innovative business consulting services to a range of organisations and government departments alike. In four short years, IPS has grown from 3 to 22 full-time staff and a remarkable 1,400% increase in annual turnover.

“It is a great honour to be chosen as a finalist in the EBA 2019.  To have IPS Management Consultants recognised for our achievements over the past four years of operations is a testament to our team of hardworking and professional staff.  In particular I would like to acknowledge directors Damien Chalk, Kristal Kinsela-Christie and Jahna Cedar for their dedication and support.”

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