Chin Communications

Professor Lushan Charles Qin OAM

Category: Small Business

In 1991, Charles Qin arrived in Australia with no money and no job. With a simple idea of doing something connected to China and language, he embarked on postgraduate study in translation/interpreting at Deakin University and started running private Chinese language classes. When Charles thought about establishing a business connected to China, it was met with much pessimism, as China was not on Australia’s radar back then. With a vision and self-determination to boot, Charles established Chin Communications in 1992 against all odds. Twenty-seven years on, Chin Communications is now Australia’s largest Chinese Language and Intercultural Communication Services Firm. With 17 full-time staff and multiple awards, Chin is seen as a critical link for governments and businesses engaging with China and the Chinese community in Australia.

“Last year? we celebrated 200 years of Chinese migration to Australia. Chinese are amongst Australia’s earliest migrants and throughout those 200 years, cultural understanding and language have been key to successful integration and economic wellbeing. I thank my adopted country for giving me the opportunity to contribute and to help underpin the all-important Australia-China relationship. I thank the Ethnic Business Awards for what you do in celebrating diversity and the contributions of migrants thereby creating deeper understanding.”

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