Accent Aluminium Windows and Doors Pty Ltd

Basir Abbass

Category: Medium to Large Business

Born in Afghanistan in 1961, Basir Abbass and his family were forced to flee their homeland following extreme pressure from the Soviet Union invasion in 1979. Arriving in Australia, Basir was immediately confronted with the hardships that come from being thrust into the unknown. From a foreign land to a foreign language, foreign culture and foreign ways of doing business, it took a fresh perspective and a grand vision for Basir Abbass to set out and make a better life for his family. Starting as a truck driver for Accent Aluminium Windows and Doors, Basir’s incredible work ethic and astute business acumen saw him transform and grow the company to new heights. In 2007, he bought a 50% equity stake, before becoming the sole owner of the company in 2012, employing 70 people across Victoria and realizing 20% – 30% year-on-year growth to date.

“I am truly humbled to be nominated for the Ethnic Business Awards. We have always measured our success by the impact that we make on our staff, our customers and the wider community and this nomination is a recognition of our collective efforts. The culture of Accent is centred on our values, and our commitment to beam a light of hope to all those that have none, to the migrants and refugees that land on this beautiful soil, to this, we give hope that Accent will be that shining beacon of hope and that you can all be anything that you choose to be. I am reminded by the words of friend of mine that says that if you can conceive it in your head, believe it in your heart, then you can achieve it in your hands. Everything is possible.”

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